Let the Adventure Begin …!!!!

Let the Adventure Begin …!!!!


Top five adventurous sports one must experience one’s in life..!


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Here are some most exciting adventurous sports which you will find in everyone’s bucket list for sure. So let the adventure begin!



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Bungee jumping is one of the most extreme sports ever invented that one must experience once in a lifetime. It is a daring and challenging sport among youth nowadays. It is the best choice for risk takers who always want to try something exciting and daring in life.

2. Rock Climbing


adventurous sports, movestoaspire , simrat kaur, et the adventure begin.!



Rock climbing can be a rewarding, life-changing and exhilarating experience. Although climbing a mountain gives one the satisfaction of reaching the summit. It is the mini version of mountaineering for those who are not daring. Rock climbing provides a better sense of self-confidence, improves problem-solving skills, heightens trust and teamwork. It can burn 500-900 calories per hour, provided climbers take rest in between routes. Let the adventure begin and have an extremely thrilling experience!

3.RAFTING Water Adventure


Let the adventure begin, movestoaspire , simrat kaur



Rafting is an amazing way to get venturesome gateway from the daily hustle and bustle of city life. It gives an experience of daring and highlights breathtaking scenery around. It helps to relieve pent up tension and stress, while it relaxes one from a stressful life. The river-rafting offers a fantastic physical workout. It teaches team-spirit through fun and real-life scenarios. It will surely set your heart racing at its fastest. You get to experience the awe of nature by river rafting.



Paragliding, movestoaspire , simrat kaur, let the adventure begin.!



Paragliding is an adventure sport where a person glides through air with the help of a wide canopy. It is a great deal of fun so try it once in life. It gives you an experience of flying like bird. Paragliding is exciting and relaxing sport activity that everyone can enjoy no doubt it is a daring sports too. One should carry a knife with oneself , you never when you would have to cut tangled wires. You should always take guidance from experienced paragliders about how to navigate , land and other safety issues.

5. Skiing Adventure


skiing, movestoaspire , simrat kaur, let the adventure begin.!



Nowadays Skiing is the one of the most popular winter sports. Let the adventure begin guys. It has become a trend for youngsters . Skiing is actually sport of sliding down the snow covered hills. This sport is mixed with thrill and excitment . It is full of fun and laughter as a person goes sliding down falling too in beginning.


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Myself Simrat Kaur, currently pursuing BBE from SGGSCC, DU. I'm a fun loving and soft-hearted girl. Ever ready for all thrilling, new and daring adventurous. I want to experience each and everything in my life. I have a long and stupid bucket list or you can 'To Do List.'

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