How to apply makeup like a pro

How to apply makeup like a pro

How to apply makeup like a Pro..

Makeup is a part of a woman’s daily life, not just women but people of other gender also tend to have a fondness for makeup. These days, makeup is no less than art and art needs practice, but what if we do not have the time to practice and we try taking a short cut!? How to apply makeup with glasses

Here as some easy steps for makeup that we can use in our day to day lives.

How to apply makeup step by step :-

Step 1 : Preparing your skin


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The necessary step is to prepare your skin for the excess amount of colour and pop that the skin will go through,Also it is a necessary step to avoid the cakey makeup . Prepping your skin helps in stopping the entry of makeup products to seep into the skin.
For beginners aloe vera gel, Face serum can be very helpful.

Step 2 : Glam up the eyes


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We do eye makeup first in order to avoid any mess that is created if we do eye makeup afterwards, choose your eyeshadows according to the occasion and Volia!! Eye makeup highlights your most important feature of your face.

Step 3 : Base application


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People with oily skin can use a colour corrector or concealer + compact to get a matte finish whereas people with non oily skin can use concealer + foundation. Please choose your concealer and foundation according to your skin colour.
And the most common mistake is forgetting the neck area. It looks weird!

Step 4 : Highlighting


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It is the last and the most exciting step, adding a pop of highlighter, makes your skin glow. It adds a charm to the entire makeup.

And last but not the least, wear the outfit that matches your makeup and don’t forget to accessories. Makeup brings confidence and it helps you look presentable. So don’t you forget! It is rightly said first impression is the last impression.

Adding accessories to your makeup looks, adds an oomph!! Factor to your entire look :

1) Choose a simple and less heavy wrist watch or a bracelet to your wrist. A wrist watch is a smarter option.
2) Adding statement ring, to the outfit makes the whole look stand out.
3) A pendant set with stud earrings highlights your necklines and collar bones
4) Getting attention is necessary but do not over accessories, attention in excess ruins the game!
5) Choose a pair of cute pearl Bobby pins or a printed hairband and here… You are ready to go!

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